Selected handwoven rugs
Design Vibeke Klint

In collaboration with the Klint family and weaver Gitte Annette Knudsen, who worked with Vibeke Klint for 8 years as a weaver, NORDICMODERN has put together a collection of 8 different rug designs. The designs are based on unique rugs that have never been in production before.

Our collection of hand-woven rugs designed by Vibeke Klint is made in Northern India. We work with the third generation of a local production facility with their own dye works which boasts proud traditions of craftmanship, extensive experience of weaving technique and in-depth knowledge of materials. Together we select the most suitable yarn grades and material compositions.

Each rug is hand-woven and therefore unique. The weave varies slightly from rug to rug, depending on who has woven it. The wool yarn is hand-dyed, and therefore slight color variations due to the nature of the wool and the dyeing process may occur. This is all part of the rug’s character.

Rug VK-4

The VK-4 rug is an example of a typical pattern of Vibeke Klint from the 1980’s and 1990’s mixing the warp repp technique with flat-weave technique in the “lightning” details, a challenging combination which can be done only by the most experienced weavers.

The rug is available in dark blue/black with “lightning” details in black, white and ultra marine blue and a 3 cm visible black edge.

Rug in warp repp technique.
Details in flat weave.
Warp: NZ wool
Weft: Felted English wool

Colours: Blue

Size approx.:
60 x 130 cm. DKK 2.060 EUR 277
80 x 240 cm. DKK 5.070 EUR 681
140 x 200 cm. DKK 7.390 EUR 992
170 x 240 cm. DKK 10.940 EUR 1.470
200 x 300 cm. DKK 16.400 EUR 2.216

All prices are list prices incl. Danish VAT (25%)
Terms of delivery: EXW CPH Denmark

All rugs benefit from lying on an underlay. The smaller the rug, the more important it is that the rug has an underlay. It extends the lifetime of the rug and makes the rug more slip proof.

Materials and maintenance

Rug VK-3 Rug VK-5