Production and Materials

India has a proud tradition of producing high-quality hand-woven rugs. As a craft, weaving is deeply rooted in Indian culture, just as functional, simple design is a tradition in Denmark. In 1985, textile artist and weaver Vibeke Klint travelled to Ahmedabad in India to teach at the National Institute of Design.

Our collection of hand-woven Vibeke Klint rugs is made in northern India near the city of Varanasi. We work with the third generation, son and owner of a local production facility with their own dye works and showroom, which boasts proud traditions of craftsmanship, extensive experience of weaving techniques and an in-depth knowledge of materials. Together, we select the most suitable yarn grades and material compositions.

The rugs are GOODWEAVE INTERNATIONAL certified. This stands for sustainable and ethical production without the use of child labour.