The people behind NORDICMODERN

We have established NORDICMODERN to spread awareness of Nordic design and local craftsmanship traditions. It’s all about experience, a shared design upbringing and a passion for unique products with a good story and high design standards behind them. We know each other from our time at Paustian, the Danish furniture design company where we worked together on interior design solutions for more than 25 years. Nana Fenge was responsible for wholesale/exports while Peter Kampmann was CEO. NORDICMODERN’s first collection consists of a number of rugs designed by the renowned Danish textile artist and weaver Vibeke Klint.

Nana has been a regular visitor to the Klint family’s home since the 1970s and is still best friends with Vibeke Klint’s children. Vibeke Klint and Nana’s father, Fenge Hansen, were friends from Bizzie Høyer’s Art School in Copenhagen, so Nana grew up surrounded by Vibeke Klint design in her childhood home. That’s why it felt so right to accept the Klint family’s offer when they asked us if we would be interested in relaunching Vibeke Klint’s rugs. All designs, materials, colours and quality have been developed and approved by the Klint family in collaboration with weaver Gitte Annette Knudsen, who worked closely with Vibeke Klint for a number of years. We plan to expand the collection of Vibeke Klint rugs and others of her designs, and other designers and products will be added over time. We have looked forward to being able to introduce you to the NORDICMODERN universe. Nana Fenge and Peter Kampmann