NEW – NEW: Vibeke Klint rug VK-9 – The Gunnløgsson rug.

Vibeke Klint was given the task of making a very special rug for her friends, one of Denmark’s most talented architects, Halldor Gunnløgsson and his wife Lillemor.

Vibeke Klint knew that it required a rug that could handle a lot of attention. Not only should it be located in an already famous house, but it should also be so distinctive that it could not be drowned out b the dark green marble floor and black walls.

A task she solved by combining the techniques warp repp with flat weave, a challenging combination as the 2 techniques work against each other

The black base color in the warp repp forms a ribbed surface, to which Vibeke Klint added horizontal “lightning” stripes in white, beige and pink.

To make VK-9 a graphic contribution to more homes than just the Gunnløgsson’s NORDICMODERN now launches the VK-9 in four sizes so that it can lie freely, in front of a sofa or under a dining table. The fourth size is the decorative element of the hallway, kitchen or passage room – the runner (small rug).

Available in 4 sizes: 80×240 cm, 140×200 cm, 170×240 cm and 200×300 cm.

VK-9 will be available from May 2021.

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VK-9_sort 01_BE
VK-9_sort_ 01_BE